Organic acorn flour

Makkliszt, bio
Makkliszt, bio

Cserkút, Mecsek (Baranya area)
1350 Ft (coming soon)

Quantity: 1 kg

Weight: 1000 g

Acorn flour was used as food, especially when there was not enough of it.Modern research has confirmed its high nutritional value and high content of valuable substances. Compared to cereal flour it is far richer in potassium, calcium and magnesium which are essential mineral nutrients for our health. Acorn flour is very rich in group-B vitamins. It contains a lot of fiber which is valuable for the good functioning of the digestive system and more than 5% of unsaturated fatty acids.


Acorn flour may be used to enrich cereal flour in the ratio 2/3 of cereal flour and 1/3 of acorn flour. Then it is perfect for baking bread, buns, cookies and other products. It may be added to dishes which require cereal flour, for example to prepare pasta,omlets, potato cakes (using 2/3 of grated potatoes and 1/3 of acorn flour). You are encouraged to think of new recipes using this natural and valuable product.

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