I'm Sophie, founder and initiator of the project. Regarding my qualification, I am a bioengineer, but the diploma did not stop the world, I still keep learning, especially pharmacobotanics.I have long been interested in the wonderful world of plants, and within that dietary and therapeutic benefit for the people. When I started to deal with them more closely, I realized that there are only a few online information sources, and even fewer are reliable. That is how the idea of WEMPlapedia came into my mind. Than I thougth even further :
What if there exists a virtual universe, where everything is together ! Everything including excursions, events, plants to harvest, recipes...that became the WEMPla Project. It is still coming out of ground and grow to a beautiful flower. Be a part of it !
And why WEMPla ? WEMPla means Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants. I think it provides an excellent supplement to our diet. These plants are delicious and healthy, and in addition to that they « come » from a self-sustaining system, the Nature. They do not need to be watered, fertilized, no need to cultivate the soil. The ecological footprint is close to zero! It is worth to get to know, to experiment with them, because they are easily adaptable to the daily diet.